“One thing that we can always be 100% sure of, is that today's youth is tomorrow’s future. I don’t feel that our current system is fulfilling the individual needs of our children, and I will work to correct that.”

Jobs and Economy

“Times are tough in West Virginia, and that’s evident. I want to make strengthening our economy one of my top priorities.”

The WV Drug Epidemic

“It's sad and heartbreaking to see the results of drug abuse around our state.There's only one way to stop the epidemic though, and that's to harshen the penalties and let it be known that drugs are not tolerated in West Virginia.”

Meet Caleb

Hi, I'm Caleb Hanna. It's been a life-long goal of mine to somehow help and serve the great Mountain State of West Virginia. Over the years I've noticed that West Virginias government isn't working for the people anymore, as liberal politicians in Charleston become more greedy. That’s why I think it's time to start A New Era of Leadership, and make a government that works for the people. We need someone in Charleston that will fight for our West Virginia values.

I live in eastern Nicholas County with my parents and two sisters. I'm 18 years old and I was raised on the belief that success is built on hard work, commitment, and dedication. Currently I'm involved in organizations such as 4-H, HOBY, WV Raze, Inspire WV, National Honor Society, Gear-up, and many more. I credit my current success to my family, friends, and community around me. I wish to credit my future success, to you the people of West Virginia and District 44! Thanks a million, God Bless, and hope to see you around!