One thing that we can always be 100% sure of, is that today's youth is tomorrow’s future. As a current student I have a first-hand view at K-12 public schooling. I see on a day to day basis children fall through the cracks as our current education system is failing our generation to come. We as a state need to replace the Common Core learning innovative and allow teachers more flexibility in what they teach in their classrooms. We also need to invest more money into skills training and provide state supported scholarships for trade schools. These are only starts, at a much needed Education Reform.

Jobs and Economy

Times are tough in West Virginia, and that’s evident. I want to make strengthening our economy one of my top priorities. I believe that economic growth can best be accomplished through reducing regulations and promoting small business investment. These two things alone could help businesses thrive beyond belief. We can open our state to more economic diversification while still mainly relying on our already thick backbone of coal and timber. Because coal still does keep the lights on in West Virginia.

The WV Drug Epidemic

The Opioid addiction has affected almost every family in some way. It's sad and heartbreaking to see the results of drug abuse around our state, and honestly anywhere in the country for that matter. There's only one way to stop the epidemic though, and that's to harshen the penalties and let it be known that drugs are not tolerated in West Virginia. That means no more slaps on the wrist for distributors or abusers. Drugs kill more than just our economy, they also kill our friends and neighbors. This is a problem that we cannot sit back and watch.